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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Exhibitor News

  • Check out our news & blog page to find our latest updates and insightful blogs about neurodiversity in the workplace.

  • Our unique initiative is designed to engage and communicate the best available evidence-based sleep health information to night workers in situ during the night shift. 

  • Our award-winning initiative, which helps workers and employers create a healthier experience of working at night, has had a makeover and now MAX - our flagship offering - is better than ever!

  • Neuroinclusive Workspace

    28 Feb 2024 Catherine Rayner
    A significant amount of time is spent within the work environment, the sensory stimuli, both physical and social is constant.  Sensory overwhelm is debilitating, contributing towards reduced productiv ...
  • The soft drinks company joins the cohort of companies investing in bettering the health and wellbeing of their staff.

  • Strength not Deficit: BECAUSE I am Autistic! 




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