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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Exhibitor Products

  • Neurodiversity coaching supports people with symptoms or a diagnosis of ADHD, ADD, autism or dyslexia, and helps their teams understand how to be neurodiverse allies.

    We work collaboratively with the individual to identify the strengths and unique value they bring to an organisation, and explore practical interventions that will address specific needs and goals for personal and professional change.



  • While challenge is part of organisational life, when people get stuck within conflict it is painful for the individuals involved and disruptive for those around them. We combine expertise in coaching and mediation to support resolution in two ways


  • Supporting high-performing and dysfunctional teams alike, particularly in challenging and emotionally-charged circumstances:

    • Creation of team purpose, mission, and vision

    • Reacting  strategically and effectively to mergers, restructures and redundancies 

    • Transforming meetings - improving communication and problem solving

    • Enhancing team motivation to perform under pressure - building belonging and collaboration

    • Responding to grief and loss of team members - healing, honouring, finding meaning

  • We work 1:1 with individuals in a series of 50-90 minute sessions.  Working collaboratively with each person's unique goals, areas of focus include:

    • Leadership development and career evolution

    • Enhancing self-awareness, self-confidence, and overcoming imposter syndrome

    • Reducing stress, enhancing resilience & creating sustainable work-life balance

    • Women's Health (Menopause, Maternity) and Men's Health (Suicide awareness, Fatherhood)

    • Transitions, First 100 Days, and Returning to work after absence

  • Accreditation

    07 Nov 2023 Christina Butterworth

    Professional membership of the Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing is achieved through accreditation.

    You can also support our work and keep up to date on occupational health by becoming a Friend of the Faculty.


  • Brochure

    19 Oct 2023 Liggy Webb
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