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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Exhibitor Products

  • HomeSafe - AI lone worker monitoring

    01 Jan 2024 Techfinity

    HomeSafe represents an evolutionary leap in digital lone-worker technology as the world's first and only AI solution to replace the constant need for human monitoring of staff safety.

    With HomeSafe, digital lone-worker safety management is now viable for rollout across entire organisations and accessible to a wider range of workers than was previously possible.

  • Stress Busters for Success

    18 Mar 2024 martina witter


    Stress Busters for Success™ for Leaders

    Learn our proven scientific Five step system guaranteed  to crush your workplace and personal stress forever. Transition from burnout to balance.

    Its time to patch up the holes in your stress bucket as its been leaking

  • Rivers to Resilience Training

    04 Mar 2024 Martina Witter

    Rivers to Resilience Signature Training ( CPD  Accredited)

    Rivers to Resilience is a transformational , dynamic and experiential CPD Accredited training course that empowers you and your teams with proven evidence based strategies to successfully navigate personal and professional setbacks in order to thrive and achieve peak performance.

    Rivers to Resilience is guaranteed to equip you with knowledge and skills to enhance your performance, productivity , success and profits .



  • UniMouse

    12 Mar 2024 Charlotte Lehmann

    The UniMouse is an ergonomic mouse designed for customizable comfort, featuring adjustable angles and thumb rest to promote a natural hand position. It aims to reduce strain during prolonged computer use with its intuitive design and precise control. Ideal for enhancing workspace ergonomics, the UniMouse offers a personalized and comfortable computing experience.

  • RollerMouse Red

    12 Mar 2024 Charlotte Lehmann


    The RollerMouse Red is an ergonomic device designed to minimize wrist strain by replacing the traditional mouse with a rolling bar mechanism for cursor control. Positioned in front of the keyboard, it allows for easy navigation without repetitive reaching or clicking, promoting a more comfortable and productive workspace. Ideal for long hours at the computer, its sleek design and customizable features offer a seamless blend of comfort and efficiency.

  • RollerMouse Pro

    12 Mar 2024 Charlotte Lehmann

    RollerMouse Pro is a unique ergonomic mouse that offers a range of features to help improve your comfort and productivity.
    RollerMouse Pro is available in Light Grey fabric, Vegan Leather and Bamboo, as well as with three different wrist rest; Slim, Regular and Extended.

  • T-Cup Programmes: For everyone!
  • Wellbeing Webinars with SuperWellness

    27 Feb 2024 SuperWellness

  • Line Manager Training

    27 Feb 2024 SuperWellness
    Line managers are one of the key building blocks to a healthy working culture. As the person who arguably has the biggest influence on an individual’s work experience, a line manager has the ability t ...
  • Wellbeing Strategy Consultancy

    27 Feb 2024 SuperWellness



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