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Sleep Programme For Night Workers – NIGHT CLUB SLEEP CHAMPIONS

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Whether your company has just one dedicated night worker or a battalion of 10,000, everybody who works at night deserves the best support.

Our award-winning initiative brings sleep experts into the workplace to help workers and employers create a better and healthier experience of working at night.

The focus of the programme is on diet and exercise, sleep environment and sleep hygiene, mental health, understanding chronotype and the role of light. Experience has shown that the lens of sleep is a great entry to wider physical and mental health issues.

The NIGHT CLUB programme has been designed to work in a wide range of industry settings and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual partners. 

There are currently three versions of NIGHT CLUB to choose from: MAX, FLEX and MINI (please see the other NIGHT CLUB Products).

In addition to those, we offer our SLEEP CHAMPIONS programme, which gives volunteer employees the knowledge, tools and confidence to support their peers with issues around sleep, sustaining the impact of NIGHT CLUB within your organisation.

For more information on SLEEP CHAMPIONS, please email

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