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09 Jan 2024

Addiction is treatable. Recovery is possible.

Broadway Lodge Stand: 127

Broadway Lodge is a compassion-focused, 12 step residential addiction treatment centre in North Somerset.

It is one of very few in the UK to have a multi-disciplinary 24/7 team providing medically managed detoxification on-site as well as a comprehensive psychological programme. Working with a skilled and experienced team throughout their stay and beyond, patients not only address their addiction and the root causes, but their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is nurtured and they leave with the tools to sustain their recovery for the long term.

Contact us in confidence to find out more about treatment for alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, illicit drug addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, gaming addiction and co-dependency. You can speak with a member of our experienced team by calling 01934 815515 (enquiries and admissions) or 01934 812319 (main line) or you can email

Or, to find out more about what we do and how we can help, visit our website here:

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