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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Nicola Neath

Nicola Neath

Psychotherapist and Workplace Trainer, University of Leeds; BACP Workplace and Council for Work and Health
United Kingdom
This cutting-edge session captures concepts of the current (psychosocial safety and wellbeing at work) climate, which are encouraging us to set limits on the time we work, how we work and how much work we take on. Setting limits is a competence and it takes practice and an understanding of the psychosocial conditioning and contracts we sometimes find ourselves in. These can make it hard to say, 'I can't', 'I don't have capacity' or 'not right now'. In this talk I will explore some of the reasons we say yes to work tasks when we want or need to say no, or when we say 'yes' without considering the impact it might have on us and our colleagues or managers. We will help you find you inner coach and also practice and experiment with techniques to take back into the workplace.



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