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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Maira Bana

Maira Bana

CFD Manager, RED Engineering Design and Trustee, SheCanEngineer
United Kingdom
Maira leads RED Engineering Design's global Computational Fluid Dynamics Team. She’s been working in the data centre industry for over a decade, following her degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. Maira is Chartered with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, where she volunteers with the institution’s Construction & Building Services Division. She has been co-Chairing the division since 2021, and represents them on Council and Technical Strategy Board. Maira is a trustee of SheCanEngineer, a charity that encourages girls into Engineering and highlights the roles and achievements of women in the sector. She joined the SheCanEngineer initiative in 2018 as a volunteer, and went on to Chair the committee for two years. She and her fellow trustees registered the organisation as a charity in 2023. This is a subject close to her heart; she is passionate about raising awareness on the power of diverse teams and inclusive environments.



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