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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Libby Morley-Hassanali

Libby Morley-Hassanali

Vice-President, IOH and Specialist Occupational Health Nurse Advisor, Mindshift Consultancy
United Kingdom

 Libby is an Independent Occupational Health (OH) Practitioner and an experienced trainer on the topic of Stress and Mental Health. She combines her working knowledge of Management, Human Resources and Health and Safety with evidence-based mental health-related training across many business sectors. She is the owner of Mindshift Consultancy, and author of the only book currently available in the UK that guides OH Practitioners on mental health assessment and report writing. Libby is an Associate Lecturer at Robert Gordon University and Vice Chair of iOH, The Association of Occupational Health and Wellbeing Professionals. In 2020 she created the first IOSH-approved and licensed course for managers on stress and how to perform an individual stress risk assessment. She is passionate about reducing the negative stigmatising attitudes that remain around mental ill-health and a firm believer in workplaces providing a proactive and supportive culture around this subject. 




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