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Jane McNeice

Jane McNeice

Director and Trainer, Mind Matters
United Kingdom

 Jane is founder of Mind Matters, a mental health training business set up in 2015 to equip others to support those experiencing mental health difficulties. The company delivers a range of evidence based, award winning mental health courses, and is currently developing neurodiversity training. Jane believes that her business did not come about by chance, but rather because of her own lived experience, and it is this which underpins the work and values of her company and course deliveries. In 2021 Jane received her own life-changing diagnosis of Autism at the age of 45 and published her debut book ‘The Umbrella Picker’ sharing her journey to diagnosis. Jane believes that the success of Mind Matters lies in her Autism and the strengths it provides, driven by a common Autistic trait. Jane’s second book ‘Strength not Deficit’ exposes this trait, its relationship with success, and what happens when it meets ableism.  




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