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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Eugene Farrell

Eugene Farrell

Board Member, EAPA UK, Mental Health Consultancy Lead, AXA Health
United Kingdom
Mental Health Apps have grown in numbers and sophistication over the last five years. Adding an App to an existing mental health strategy is an important decision. In this session we will explore what should employers consider when choosing an App. What are the clinical considerations that must be examined and how risk management is critical. Levels of engagement can vary greatly, what are the important factors to consider and how is engagement measured in a meaningful way for employers. How can engagement levels be maintained. With technology moving rapidly we also consider the issues around continuous development and updating, versus future change of supplier. How can an App fit into mental wellbeing strategy and support existing services like occupational health and EAP. Finally, we consider the role of artificial intelligence, now and in the future of therapy. Learning outcomes for delegates:



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