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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Christine Grant

Dr Christine Grant

Occupational Psychologist and Associate Professor, Research Centre for Healthcare and Communities, Coventry University

Dr Christine Grant, Associate Professor and Occupational Psychologist is a leading researcher in the field of remote working. Her work explores the psychological factors and behaviours that affect remote workers including, work-life balance, job effectiveness and well-being. Dr Grant recently led a research project entitled ‘Remote4All’ which explored remote working for those people with a disability and/or neurodivergent, finding practical implications for this community of remote workers. Dr Grant develops psychometric measures in this area including the ‘E Work-Life scale’ that enables individuals and organisations to measure the quality and efficacy of remote working. Dr Grant is published widely in academic and business literature, recently co-authoring a book entitled: Agile working and Well-being in the Digital Age. During the pandemic she co-authored guidance on homeworking for the British Psychological Society. Dr Grant has appeared and contributed widely to external media including, newspaper articles and appearing on radio and TV appearances.  




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