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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Beverley Jones

Beverley Jones

Mentor and Managing Director, Awaken Mentoring

Beverley Jones is a Burnout Prevention, Transformational Keynote Speaker and consultant to both large and small organisations, her passion is helping others not go where she went when she travelled a journey through burnout. Through her work she shares her expertise across many areas of well-being including the 7 signs you are not coping helping you to identify them in yourselves and others, she also shares tips for self–care to ensure that well-being is always forefront of your mind and top of everyone and every business agenda. Her Mental Health Awareness and Conversations Seminar is an informative session which gives insight into how to open up those all-important chats around mental health. As an author, speaker and consultant she shares her work through many mediums with an aim of helping at least one person in every audience she links with to avoid the burnout path!  




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