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Health and Wellbeing at Work

27 Feb 2024

Wellbeing Strategy Consultancy

Superwellness Stand: 145

As the world of work and wellbeing’s place within it are constantly evolving, approaches considered successful in the past may no longer be working. Perhaps you’ve noted a drop in engagement with wellbeing activities, or current initiatives are not going far enough to address more deep seated issues affecting employees’ wellbeing. Perhaps your work practices have changed and raised new challenges which are no longer addressed by previous approaches.

More and more organisations are putting in place a formal wellbeing strategy (over 51% according to the most recent CIPD health & wellbeing report). Those who do are reporting benefits such as improved morale and engagement, lower sickness absence, enhanced employer brand, better productivity and staff retention.

We recommend taking a 3-year view when it comes to your employee wellbeing strategy, along with an approach based on a cycle of continuous improvement, usually on an annual basis. Our consultancy packages are designed to support you whatever the stage you are at by bringing:

  • Wellbeing strategy best practice know-how and experience
  • Skilled third-party facilitation to guide productive discussion and collaboration
  • Structure, objective definition and accountability to ensure that delivering meaningful results remains a priority for your wellbeing strategy over the long term

We recognise that each organisation is unique and our approach is all about building on what you have in place already. A detailed gap analysis will help us to identify key priorities, and informed by organisational psychology science and understanding, to recommend practical steps, both geared to achieving quick wins as well as longer term benefits.

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