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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing Audits.

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At Psychology Works our approach to wellbeing and mental health is informed by our background as an interdisciplinary team of experts from across the full spectrum of business psychology, learning & development, HR, coaching, academia, psychometrics, Olympic sports, project management and more.

We strongly believe that Mental health cannot be a one size fits all approach.

How we like to do things:

  • Work collaboratively - driving towards creating a new ‘business as usual’ way of working
  • Work holistically - across prevention, detection, support and management
  • Evidence-based practice - Informed by the latest psychological science
  • Bring in the best – utilising the strengths of an interdisciplinary team of experts and specialists
  • Offer a range of services that draw on our expertise in the areas of: Measurement, Strategy, Development, and Evaluation

We are absolutely passionate about helping organisations put wellbeing at the heart of their business – to create not only long-lasting change, but also achieving a tangible return on investment.

As Business Psychologists we achieve this by taking our clients on a structured and systematic journey of explore, empower and embed.  Combined with our innovative Better@ Work Model – a holistic model for achieving performance through better wellbeing - we are able to offer a solution for every stage of the corporate wellbeing journey.

When it comes to a wellbeing audit, we believe in taking a 360° perspective and going beyond the traditional employee survey.  In our work we stive to tap into the full range of individual and organisational data available to not only provide a more rounded view, but more penetrating insights.


Working in partnership with our clients, each Wellbeing Audit we develop seeks to draw on as many of these data sources as possible.  They pull together a range of both qualitative and quantitative information gathered at the individual, team and organisational level.

The exact combination of data sources is unique to each organisation, and whilst there may be core elements we always recommend, the Wellbeing Audit is bespoke to each organisation. To facilitate this, we offer a Wellbeing Audit Methodology Menu.

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