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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Half-day Training

Alcohol Change Stand: 43

Alcohol and the Workplace: Line Managers

Line managers are always an organisations first port of call in preventing and resolving front line issues. Alcohol harm has a casual effect on over 60 different medical conditions and should not be overlooked when it comes to managing wellbeing in a team. Managers also find it hard to know what is a drinking problem and what is not.                          

This training will support your managers to:

  • Understand how alcohol effects the body in both mental health and physical health.
  • Identify the signs of potential drinking problems and be the first line of intervention.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with individuals in a non-judgemental approach towards their alcohol harm.
  • Use effective evidence-based tools recommended by the Department of Health, NICE and World Health Organisation.

Alcohol and the Workplace: Employers and Senior Management              

Many workplace cultures can exclude those who don’t want to drink or may be a risk to those who are vulnerable around alcohol. This can be in the form of informal socialising; workplace events and consumption of alcohol being encouraged. Understand the importance of a cultural shift within the workplace and why employers and senior managers play a crucial role in supporting staff.

Within this training your team will learn how to incorporate changes and positively challenge workplace stigma by:

  • Understanding why people drink and the impact of alcohol on people and organisations.
  • Understand how to model and encourage a healthy drinking culture.
  • Learn effective ways to model an alcohol policy in the workplace that is reliable, legal, and inclusive to all.

Identification and Brief Advice                                             

For managers, mentors, wellbeing champions and colleagues in the workplace to support them in identifying others who may be drinking at above lower risk levels. Our experts will provide the tools and knowledge to understand the alcohol unit system, apply it to individual consumption and communicate brief advice effectively with individuals about their alcohol use.

This training will empower your team to:

  • Use and interpret an appropriate alcohol screening tool.
  • Communicate brief advice effectively and confidently with individuals about their alcohol use.
  • Improve the knowledge of individuals on the physical, social and psychological effects of alcohol in a way that supports change.
  • Make appropriate referrals to local services for those experiencing problems with alcohol.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Our experts will help you and your team understand different types of drugs that are available in the UK and what their effects are.

When dealing with issues of substance misuse in the workplace many managers, HR individuals and employers find it difficult to balance disciplinary action and supporting the individual.

With the topic of drugs & alcohol being complex, this training can be designed to fit your requirements as an organisation.

Typically, as an ‘off the shelf purchase’ this training will help your team understand:

  • Different types of drugs and how they have an effect on the body
  • Drug and alcohol laws in the UK
  • Alcohol awareness and the risks involved when mixed with other drugs
  • Identify problematic alcohol and substance use in others.
  • Feel more confident to intervene to support the individual and those around them and ensure the safety and well-being of their workforce.


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