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Alcohol Change Stand: 43

Alcohol and the Workplace: Opening the conversation

The negative effects of alcohol are often felt in the workplace. Reduced productivity, poor punctuality and substandard quality of work are just a few of the noticeable impacts that problematic drinking can have on an employee, but these are are often overlooked.

However, this means that the workplace can also be a good place to help people identify alcohol problems and overcome them.

In this session our experts will provide your team with an overview of why we need to address alcohol in the workplace and the impact it can have on a persons work, their colleagues, and the organisation as a whole.

Then your team will learn more about spotting the signs of alcohol harm, understand how and why many managers, mentors and wellbeing networks struggle to have these conversations, and how to make the alcohol part of the wellbeing agenda through culture shift and training.

‘It will never happen to me’ The lived reality of alcohol dependence

Using their own real life experience of alcohol dependence our experts by lived experience help others understand how to achieve a healthier relationship with alcohol, without it becoming a problem.

Learn how to spot the signs of alcohol misuse and the reality of how alcohol dependence can affect a person’s daily life.

Multiple organistations find that hearing this information first hand from someone who has experienced both a successful corporate career and alcohol dependence can have a strong impact on the reaction from the team driving a positive message around mindful drinking. 

Alcohol and the body: Mental and physical health

Alcohol has been described as the UK’s favourite coping mechanism. Many of us drink to help manage stress, anxiety, depression and many other mental health problems. It is also a causal factor in over 60 medical conditions.

Our experts will explain how and why we drink, the negative effect alcohol has on our body and how to make and maintain changes.

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