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04 Mar 2024

Rivers to Resilience Training

Rapha Therapy & Training Services Stand: 163

The seven Rivers to resilience lead to neuroplasticity whilst taking a holistic approach to Resilience building. Rivers to resilience allows you to reflect and build upon your current resources with a strengths based Cognitive Behavioral Model ( Padesky 2012).




  • To develop emotional  resilience through the seven rivers to resilience which facilitate effective emotional self- regulation and emotional intelligence strategies which improves stress management.
  • To competently identify emotions in yourself and others whilst being confident with emotion disclosure and cognitive reappraisal.
  • To leverage your physical health ( sleep. diet and physical exercise) to boost emotional resilience.
  • To understand the importance of disengaging with procrastination and avoidance in order to boost your personal resilience.
  • To understand the importance of social connectedness including Spirituality in building emotional resilience
  • To begin developing a growth mindset to build emotional resilience and view setbacks as opportunities for learning.

Teams and Organizations will acquire evidence based psychological strategies which lead to neuroplasticity and the development of effective coping strategies when under pressure whilst remaining emotionally and physically healthy.

Rivers to Resilience Action Plans are developed for sustained resilience post training.

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