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Cognitive Mapping & Personalised Workplace Adjustments

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Tailored adjustments and strategies for both employees and their managers, carefully curated based on disclosure, job role and cognitive profile. Enable your teams by providing adjustment strategies for everyone.

Did you know? If your organisation has actual or constructive knowledge of an employee’s neurodifferences, you have a duty to implement reasonable adjustments to prevent the individual from facing unreasonable challenges or direct discrimination at work.

Employees can get instant access to personalised workplace adjustments based on disclosing a neuro-difference. For example, if disclosing through the Cognassist Neuro-difference Disclosure Framework, that the employee has ADHD, personalised adjustments are shared.

Our most advanced personalised workplace adjustments are tailored to the employee’s results from taking the Cognassist Cognitive Diversity Assessment.

Our Cognitive mapping doesn’t result in labels, even for those with a neuro-difference, it shows people their natural processing bias and thinking differences. You can’t compare one person to another.

Enable every employee to understand their own cognition, and crucially act on it!

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