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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Managers: 'Mind the Gap' Toolkit.

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Businesses are operating in exceptional times, and current the reality is that right now, very few people are ‘okay’.  We know this, you know this, and your managers know this.

Managers need the tools to know how to spot when someone is not okay and have a ‘proper’ conversation.  But a lack of skills, confidence in their own abilities or meaningful support for managing their own wellbeing holds them back.

The 'Mind the Gap' toolkit addresses the three key areas of Capability, Confidence and Community via a suite of dynamic resources – building the toolkit of resources every leader needs to not take ‘okay’ as an answer. 

  • Capability. The knowledge and skills needed to be able to spot the signs of poor wellbeing and engage in the conversation
  • Confidence. A self belief in their ability to have meaningful and conversations about wellbeing and mental health
  • Community. A support network of fellow leaders and managers to lean on, and somewhere to go, when it comes to looking their own mental health and wellbeing


Whose this for...

Businesses that want to support their leaders and managers to have better conversations about mental health and wellbeing. They may:

  • Lack the skills to spot potential issues and talk meaningfully about wellbeing
  • Have little confidence in their abilities to talk  about wellbeing with their team
  • Are unsure about how to build the support networks necessary to get support for their own wellbeing

Find out more...

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