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Health and Wellbeing at Work

27 Feb 2024

Line Manager Training

Superwellness Stand: 145

Line managers are one of the key building blocks to a healthy working culture.

As the person who arguably has the biggest influence on an individual’s work experience, a line manager has the ability to make or break whether work has a positive or negative impact on employee health.

Therefore, it’s crucial that your line-managers have the right skills to be able to support your employees and understand the impact that they can have on their team.

Our Wellbeing-Centred Management Training provides your line-managers with the knowledge and skills to grow a healthy working culture within their team and wider organisation.

By focussing on our 5-part Wellbeing Centred Management model, the training gives line-managers a wider understanding of how they can positively influence employee health via a preventative approach.

Not only this, but by putting into place actions discussed during the half-day training, line-managers will also create a working environment that fostering increased motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction.


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