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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Inspire Teams Membership

Inspire You Wellbeing Stand: 220

Access to Inspire Teams enquips you and your team with all of the neccessary tools you need for your business to thrive. Membership includes:

  • Monthly Themed Wellbeing Resources: Each month we have a specific wellbeing theme that we focus on, which is always relevant to the context of that month, for example, in January we focus on goal setting. Based on that months theme we supply an array of interactive resources for you, or your staff:
    • Webinars and workshops
    • Downloadable guides and worksheets
    • Wellbeing calendars
  • Unlimited Access to our Full Wellbeing Assessment: Gain personalised insights into your overall wellbeing with our comprehensive assessment tool. Identify areas for growth and receive tailored recommendations to support your journey toward a happier you. This focuses on our 7 pillars of wellbeing: physical, emotional, growth. financial, social, significant life events and career. This wellbeing assessment will give you a detailed overview with actionable feedback.
  • Access to the Facebook Group: Connect with like-minded individuals on our private Facebook group. Share experiences, seek advice, and build a supportive network committed to wellbeing. Every month we will also host a Q&A to answer any of your questions.

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