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Health and Wellbeing at Work

01 Jan 2024

HomeSafe - AI lone worker monitoring

Techfinity (UK) Stand: 100

Whilst many organisations invest in training and equipment, when it comes to location-based safety monitoring, there is still much room for improvement across all sectors.  However, poor or non-existent lone-worker safety measures are being prosecuted by HSE under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and so implementing a safety tracking solution is an essential part of safeguarding at the employee-level and risk mitigation at the organisational-level.

HomeSafe is the world's first and only AI-powered safety monitoring solution for lone-workers, business travellers and 'at-risk' teams. The HomeSafe solution comprises of a mobile app for workers to activate while working or travelling. The safety status and location of active workers is available via an intuitive web portal, but the major benefit is the unique AI which keeps a precise lookout for staff to confirm their safety. Typically, organisations would need to have dedicated staff monitoring a portal or outsource this to an expensive Alarm Receiving Center – both options come at high management effort and cost. However, with HomeSafe AI, this is no longer necessary as the AI will take over a large part of the supervision and escalate automatically to line managers or appropriate staff based on each organisations defined policies. HomeSafe frees people from the burden of needing to be constantly online with management-by-exception supported through automated escalation. HomeSafe provides the benefit of centralised management, visibility, and auditability, as well as a platform for reporting and continuous improvement.

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