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Health and Wellbeing at Work

01 Jan 2024


Techfinity (UK) Stand: 100

Work pressures, physical & mental health, family life, relationships and much more affect how we feel. But how we feel doesn’t always disappear when it’s time for work. This means events in our lives, even those outside work, can affect performance and safety on the job.

HappyApp allows you to capture real time, non-invasive data about how staff feel over time.  That can then lead to early interventions and long term improvements in company culture, staff morale, safety and productivity including tangible cost savings.

High frequency of data collection allows operational measures to be benchmarked and provides a quick feedback loop to make sure organisational changes are having the desired impact.


Not convinced?
Here’s what one Utilities customer has achieved since
implementing HappyApp:

  • 57% reduction in staff attrition
  • Reduction in annual sickness rates from an average of 6 days per employee to 1.8 days per employee

HappyApp is fast and simple to use.  Comprising of Android, iOS or Windows desktop apps, users have several options to record their wellbeing.  All data is available securely on the web portal for analysis and follow-up when required.

Get in touch to find out more how HappyApp could work for you.

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