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Group Resilience Coaching

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How we can help

Group resilience coaching sessions draw on up-to-date psychological knowledge, to provide a reflective space for understanding and overcoming challenges that impact wellbeing and resilience in the workplace.

Delivered in a closed group of up to 8 participants, resilience coaching embeds learning through guided reflection, resilience skill development and peer support to facilitate the application of skills in participants' everyday work and life.


Our group resilience coaching will support your people to:

  • Respond effectively to a wide range of unique and organisation-specific challenges
  • Share learning with each other, collaborate on problem-solving
  • Put in place strategies to maintain mental health and wellbeing
  • Feel supported
  • Grow individual, team and organisational resilience


“Ultimate Resilience was exactly what I needed. The sessions made me feel valued as a person and I learnt so much about me. The sessions helped me to re-engage with myself as a person and allowed me to put myself first.

Shez Anjum, Trustpilot Review

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