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Grief Recovery Method® 4-Day Foundational Certification Training

The Grief Recovery Institute Stand: 137

The Grief Recovery Method® is the most comprehensive Grief Recovery education and certification in the world. The programme has been proven to be evidence based and effective by Kent State University.

People come to us not only to help others, but because their own lives might have been devastated by loss. Having gone through grief, they know how hard it can be and want to help other people with broken hearts. People can grieve over anything or anyone they’ve lost. And, how they cope with these mental and emotional changes impacts every choice they make…

Is an employee or client…

  • still hurting from losing a job or redundancy- Disappointment and anger make it hard to muster the energy to work or remain 'present' at work

  • struggling to manage their daily tasks?- Worrying over recent performance and fear of further losses can be debilitating.

  • broken-hearted from the end of a romantic relationship or a bereavement?- Fear from the past keeps people from opening to new love or moving forward.

  • afraid to try new things because of past failure- Regret holds people back from exploring new possibilities.

  • struggling with sudden or chronic health issues - Frustration and fear make it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The GRI has been established for more than 40 years and has a recognisable brand and exceptional reputation. By completing our Grief Certification training, you are associated with a wealth of experience and resources.

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