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The Burnout Clinic

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How we can help

The Burnout Clinic is aimed at individuals, providing a sanctuary for high-performing leaders seeking a transformative journey toward resilience.

At The Burnout Clinic, we offer a bespoke coaching journey tailored to your aspirations. Our focus is not just on banishing burnout but fostering a resilient, balanced and fulfilling life aligned with your unique values and definition of success.

Our experienced Burnout Coaches have been helping people to overcome workplace burnout and foster lasting resilience for decades. Unlike most coaches, we’re all trained clinicians using evidence-based methods proven to beat stress and promote a healthier working life.

You're in safe hands:

Experienced Burnout Coaches: We’ve been helping professionals to overcome workplace burnout and foster lasting resilience for decades.

Qualified healthcare professionals: Unlike most coaches, we’re trained clinicians using evidence-based methods to beat stress.

Bespoke Support: Your journey through stress is unique. Our friendly approach is designed with your needs at the centre.

Safe and Confidential: We provide a safe space where confidentiality is paramount, so you can feel comfortable to explore your challenges and rediscover your inner resilience.



Working collaboratively with an experienced burnout coach, you will:

  • Understand your unique sources of stress
  • Build skills and strategies to manage stress, overcome challenge and rebuild confidence
  • Respond more effectively to your own self-care needs
  • Overcome personal barriers to making change and building skills
  • Reconnect with your passion and perform at your best

"The time I spent with Jo has been transformational. She helped my to unpick a tricky situation and to find ways to adapt and develop. I felt listened to and cared about, and she gave me great tools to rebuild my confidence."

Hina Thakker, SM Marketing Manager

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