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ASYS dBELL 108 Noise Dosemeter

ASYS CORP Stand: 94

At the heart of the dBELL 108 is a calibrated, traceable sound level meter capable of measuring noise parameters required for workplace noise and personal exposure assessments, including LAeq, LCpk and %Dose.

Usage modes:

  • Personal exposure dosemeter: Shoulder mounted for general exposure or task specific assessments, for example drilling, boring, grinding etc.
  • Handheld instrument: Conducting spot checks around the workplace environment.
  • Remote monitor: For longer term studies on time-variable or intermittently noisy processes.

The dBELL 108 automatically connects to the ASYS dBELL 100 IIoT integrated gateway and area monitor via LoRaWAN®, a sub-g wireless technology ideally suited for long range and minimal power consumption.

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