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Health and Wellbeing at Work

13 Mar 2024

Why Reasonable Adjustments Don't Go Far Enough - How to Use Job Crafting to Anticipate and Embrace Diverse Needs

Rob Baker and Charlotte Axon

The concept of ‘reasonable adjustments’ can set a low benchmark within organisations, and an expectation that employers simply meet the minimum requirements of their employees. In practice this approach places the emphasis on the employee to justify the changes they need. This is supported by recent research which suggests that the majority of disabled employees have to initiate the process of securing workplace adjustments themselves.


A truly accessible and inclusive working environment is one where employers strive for a more proactive and anticipatory approach. Working in collaboration with employees to create environments that are accessible and usable to the widest range of people possible and enabling and empowering people to make changes they need to do their jobs.


Research has demonstrated that job crafting - an employee led approach to changing aspects of a job to make it more engaging and meaningful - can have a vast array of positive impacts on individuals, teams, and organisations. At the core of job crafting is the recognition that we are all different, one size does not fit all, and this is something to be embraced.


Job crafting encourages organisations not to see difference or diversity as a threat, or problem to be managed, but a source of genuine competitive and compassionate advantage.


We have worked with thousands of people from across the globe to support them in crafting their roles to make them a better fit. We believe that in the right environment, anyone can learn to craft.

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