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Health and Wellbeing at Work

12 Mar 2024

Workplace Mental Health Screening for Trauma Exposed Workforces

Prof Neil Greenberg

Mental health screening is often used by trauma-prone organisations with the intent of protecting their workers’ mental health. However, not only is the term screening somewhat ambiguous, the available evidence does not support formal, healthcare delivered, mandatory screening either to select staff for higher risk roles or as a mechanism to encourage trauma-exposed workers, with mental health difficulties, to access mental health treatment. This session will enable delegates to:

  • Comprehend the various definitions of what constitutes a mental health screening process within an organisational setting
  • Understand how mental health screening might be used within organisational settings to protect worker’s mental health
  • Identify the individual components of a workplace mental health screening process and how these components fit together
  • Leave the session with a practical understanding of the evidence for and against screening which can be used to help improve the mental health of a trauma-exposed workforce.


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