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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Where are you on the Wellbeing@Work Journey?

Psychology Works Stand: 184

The journey is more predictable than you think.

As a Psychologist who started their career working in the field of stress, performance and mental toughness twenty years ago - and now come full circle, via many years in the field of assessment, talent and leadership development - I've noticed something.  The journey organisations go on when it comes to embedding an understanding of stress, wellbeing and performance into their business tends to be fairly predictable. There is a Wellbeing@Work Journey.

Having worked with businesses on the full end of the spectrum, from the willfully ignorant/macho culture of 'wellbeing is for wimps' through to those winning awards for their work in this area, we've seen the good, bad and the ugly! We’ve also learnt that there are certain problems and frustrations that come along at predictable times. More importantly, there are also ways of overcoming these, if you know the journey ahead of you. 

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