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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing Audits. Seven things to look for when next choosing yours.

Psychology Works Stand: 184

Ever since the HSE introduced their Management Standards in the early 2000s wellbeing has slowly been working its way up the corporate agenda.

However, whilst the introduction of stress/ resilience/ wellbeing initiatives are typically brought in with good intentions, their presence can sometimes be as a result of reacting to something going wrong.  The compound effect of this can result in a wellbeing offering that isn’t sufficiently joined up, covering all the bases, or suitably signposted.  It can also result in too much focus at the individual rather than the organisational level, or on symptoms, rather than causes.

This is where the Wellbeing Audit comes in. A chance to identify what is effective and what isn’t working, a good audit will identify potential risks or blind spots in your current offering, as well as opportunities for improvement yet to be discovered. Here’s what to look for when commissioning your next wellbeing audit.

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