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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Top Wellbeing Books to Read in 2024

Psychology Works Stand: 184

Welcome! You found our list of the best wellbeing at work books.

There are so many good books out there right now - on a wonderful variety of topics - but so little time. How to choose!?!?!

So, we decided to provide a public service and help you sort the sort the wheat from the chaff… starting with wellbeing.

To achieve our lofty ambition of providing you with a list of the very best wellbeing books to read in 2024, we locked away our Chief Psychologist, Maria Gardner, for a week, with every book on wellbeing we could find. 

With clear instructions to not come out again until she’d produced her list of top 10 wellbeing books to read in 2024, and fed a steady stream of chocolate buttons, that is exactly what she did.

To find out what our top 12 reads are for 2024:

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