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Health and Wellbeing at Work

28 Feb 2024

Neuroinclusive Workspace

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How Neuroinclusive is your Workspace

More lately has seen the rise in aware of Neurodivergent conditions with up to 25% of the population are or being diagnosed or self-defined as Neurodivergent (Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, PTSD, Dyspraxia and others).  In addition to this, we are learning more about our mental health and effects on the body at different stages of our lives.

Squarepeg Design specialises in healthy and productive spaces that promote equality.  Using our own model of design, alongside promoting an insight into Neurodiversity, we design spaces that work for those that use the space.


A significant amount of time is spent within the work environment, the sensory stimuli, both physical and social is constant.  Sensory overwhelm is debilitating, contributing towards reduced productivity, absenteeism, retention of staff amongst other things.

Research also tells us that it is everyone who is affected by their working environment, and not only Neurodivergent people.  Designing for the minority improves the environment for everyone. 

There too is the Equality Act 2010 which employers must adhere to.  Neurodivergent conditions, now fall under this umbrella.  The environment or technology may play a significant part of any adjustments a person may reasonably require.  an area where Squarepeg Design can assist you.

There too as part of reasonable adjustments are helpful suggestions in guidelines to assist Neurodivergent individuals and their employer achieve  a suitable workspace.  However these are produced without understanding how the design of the wider environment and the elements that work within design are understood.  Therefore, as much as these are helpful, they are not solving the problem.  

Squarepeg Design will assess the current working environment and adapt the layout and features to improve the space to fulfil inclusivity.  This is a more efficient and sustainable approach than believing a full fit-out is required which is expensive and for most unachievable.

It is however important for business and those working within to understand about Neurodiversity and its importance.  This topic is surrounded in bias and stereotype from past experiences of how, for example Autism is presented.  It should be the focus that these myths are eroded.  Learning and understanding the positive aspects and the differing struggles is beneficial to all business..  It is worth noting that within your company there will be a number of Neurodivergent employees, who either have not disclosed or may not be aware of their conditions. 

In person awareness training intends to open up these conversations, leading to improved cohesion and support within teams 

Squarepeg Design believes in the personal approach, it requires discussion, contemplation and for some can be life changing.  

I am a professionally trained interior designer with a First BA (Hons) Interior Design.  I have been researching Neurodiversity for over two years, as well as being a Community Member of the Charity Neurodiversity in Business, member of Sign Design Society and Access Association.

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