Linking Sustainability and Nature to the Health and Wellbeing Agenda


Clover Hogan

She may be young in years, but climate activist Clover Hogan is certainly big on impact. Her mission is to mobilise for climate action, and business leaders are in a unique position to create that change at a pace and scale required. Many are waking up to their responsibility to take ownership of the planet’s problems; others are realising the competitive advantage of being the first to deliver real solutions. She believes the magic happens when bringing together the energy of youth, with the knowledge of experience.
Join her to listen to some amazing success stories where businesses have been able to make a significant impact by harnessing the motivation and enthusiasm of younger employees.  

Richard Batten

Real estate accounts for a staggering 40% of total carbon emissions. Global Chief Sustainability Officer at JLL, Richard Batten, discusses how, through both construction and operational efficiencies, alongside the purchase of renewable energy, companies can make a real impact on their journey to net zero workplaces.

Lesley Roberts

Business Coach and adventurer Lesley Roberts has been pioneering the concept of coaching outdoors. Whether it be a mountain walk, a stroll through the woods or along a river, she has found that nature has proven to be an excellent environment for supporting and enhancing the experience of both coach and client. She discusses the science behind coaching outdoors, the benefits and some vignettes.

Dr Alison Whybrow

Co-founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance and Occupational Psychologist Dr Alison Whybrow explains how leaders of organisations can create issues around climate and environmental breakdown. Businesses need to better articulate their purpose and core values if they are to effectively compete in today’s world of work.

Yaniv Peer

Architect Yaniv  Peer uses the power of nature to inspire design that can create a truly sustainable and life enhancing future for us all. He discusses how organisations can use biomimicry and biophilia concepts to promote both wellbeing and performance whilst at the same time contributing to urban environmental resilience.

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