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Women's Health Across Generations: From Menstruation to Menopause

12 Mar 2024
Best Place to Work

This session will explore the multifaceted experiences of women in the workplace from a health perspective, as we discuss the challenges and support needed from menstruation to menopause in professional settings. Through personal experiences and an intergenerational look, the session will bring genuine discussions on how these transitions influence women’s career and aims to inspire actionable strategies for organisations. Understanding of the unique challenges women face during menstruation and menopause, bridging generational perspectives. Insights into the connection between women’s health, impact on business and their own career. Strategies for cultivating an inclusive workplace that acknowledges the diverse health needs of women across different life stages.


Charissa King, Editor, HR Magazine
Millicent Machell, Senior Reporter, HR Magazine
Helen Tomlinson, Menopause Champion Ambassador - UK Government and Head of Talent & Inclusion, The Adecco Group UK & Ireland
Camila Carvalho, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, The Adecco Group UK & Ireland
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