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How to Build and Evolve Your Wellbeing Strategy in 2024

13 Mar 2024
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How do you create a wellbeing strategy from scratch? How do you ensure your strategy evolves to meet the changing needs of your people? And fundamentally, how do you do it with the support of your senior leaders?

Tackling these tough questions is Hannah Pearsall. As Head of Wellbeing, Hannah is responsible for the wellbeing of over 3,000 employees at Hays, the world's leading recruitment experts.

In her role, Hannah built an effective wellbeing strategy from scratch; no small achievement in a high performance sector like recruitment. But wellbeing does not stay still and in 2024 she continues to evolve and update her strategy, initiatives and tools.

In this session you’ll find out how Hannah navigates the unique wellbeing challenges of a high performance sector like recruitment and find out how her team built an effective wellbeing strategy from the ground up. You'll also find out how she's streamlined her employee wellbeing benefits by combining Hays' EAP, digital doctor and wellbeing app into one integrated service: Sonder.

Charissa King, Editor, HR Magazine
Millicent Machell, Senior Reporter, HR Magazine
Hannah Pearsall, Head Of Wellbeing, Hays
Craig Cowdrey, Co-founder and CEO, Sonder

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