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Period/Menstruation Support in the Workplace

13 Mar 2024
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Employers work hard to create an environment that makes their employees feel welcome and engaged so that they are able perform to the best of their abilities. Despite the rise in profile and commitment to DEI the inadequate gender data is impacting the workplace experience of 50% of the population. Join us to hear from Elisabeth (Co-founder of Mondays) about the wide-ranging benefits of a menstrual health policy in the workplace for all employees, management, the wider community and our planet. Learning outcomes for delegates: Why is supporting employees through menstruation and menopause the most impactful investment a company can make in 2024. The arguments we’ve heard against this initiative and the data on why they are wrong. How to talk about menstrual equity in the workplace and the 3 must do’s to implement a best practice menstrual health policy (using case-studies) that will ensure the best return on investment for all stakeholders.

Hilary Winch, Chair, NHS Health at Work Network and Head of Workplace Health, Safety & Wellbeing, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Nicola Bullen, Deputy Chair, NHS Health at Work Network and Assistant Director, Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing, University Hospitals Derby & Burton NHS Foundation Trust
Elisabeth Dewey, Co-Founder and COO - Mondays



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