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But You Don't Look Autistic and Other Forms of Ableism - The Impact of Living Undiagnosed Autistic for 45 years

13 Mar 2024
Fireside Chat
  • Highlighting the impact of living undiagnosed Autistic for 45 years.
  • Understanding there is a huge hidden amount of Autistic people, and how Ableism is preventing them being found.
  • Where we can find the undiagnosed/unidentified Autistics, and the overlap with illness, disability, and other coping mechanisms.
  • Why many of us are hidden and the links between the hidden group and high achievement/exceptional success.
  • The blind spot in research because of the hidden (unfound) Autistics, and the impact of this on what we know about Autism.
  • Recognising the essential reasons to find us: suicide prevention, child protection, identity, and better understanding of Autism.
  • Conditions for self-identification and why self-identification is key in (the first instance) in a system which has proved itself unable to find us.
  • Understanding whether Autism is a disease, disorder, difference, disability.
  • My life’s mission considering the above…Helping others join the dots that would not otherwise be joined!


Dr Robin Cordell, Director, The Council for Work & Health
Jane McNeice, Director and Trainer, Mind Matters



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