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The Impact of Neurodiversity Services on Organisational and Individual Level Wellbeing for Neurodiverse Workers: Evidence From an Impact Assessment

12 Mar 2024

Lexxic works with a variety of organisations to support their provision of neurodiversity support in the workplace, and we conducted a review on the impact of the neurodiversity support in place with a large client organisation. The study was designed to measure the impact of neurodiversity services on the business. this review set out to identify the key facilitating factors and any barriers to effective support for neurodiversity in this organisation including through Human Resources and line managers as well as individuals. This presentation will explore the findings and practical outcomes from the research. Key findings from the study established themes including facilitating factors, and the presentation will include discussion on the impact of these findings on the business and factors to consider when developing a neurodiversity offering further.


Prof Almuth McDowall, Professor of Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck University of London
Vicki Carss , Chief Psychologist, Lexxic
Dr Susie Phillips-Baker , Principal Psychologist, Lexxic



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