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Experiences of Mental Health Disclosure in Senior Leaders

13 Mar 2024
Management and Leadership

The session will describe recent research (which included a practitioner and academic systematic review and interviews with senior leaders) which explored the lived experience of senior leader disclosure of mental ill health. The challenge of access to senior leaders means that very little research is conducted on this group, even more so in terms of mental health. Given that in practice senior leadership disclosure of mental ill health is encouraged and even recommended as part of Health and Wellbeing frameworks; that the vital impact of senior leadership buy-in for the success of mental health at work initiative; and that research (for instance Deloitte in 2022) suggests that 8 in 10 senior leaders are struggling with their mental health themselves; this research study was both vital and timely. The session will summarise the research, both shine a light on the positive and potential negatives of mental health disclosure for senior leaders, and will provide clear recommendations and calls to action for organisations, employers and senior leaders alike.


Prof Kevin Daniels, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, University of East Anglia
Dr Rachel Lewis, Reader, Birkbeck, University of London and Managing Partner, Affinity Health at Work



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