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Current Trends in Employee Engagement

12 Mar 2024
Culture, Values and Engagement

This session will discuss the results from the 2nd national Engage for Success survey examining current trends in employee engagement. In addition, the session will explore any variations in engagement since the start of the pandemic, provide a current UK level of engagement, and discuss engagement in practice. During the session, we will share information on how to calculate employee engagement levels using the Engage for Success Employee Engagement Index. Delegates will learn about:

  • Current UK levels of engagement enabling them to benchmark their organisations engagement levels.
  • Measuring employee engagement using the Engage for Success Employee Engagement Index.
  • What practices impact on engagement levels and how these can be used in their organisation.
Jo Dodds, Advisory Board Member, Engage for Success
Dr Sarah Pass, Ambassador, Engage for Success and Senior Lecturer in HRM, Nottingham Business School
James Court-Smith, Ambassador, Engage for Success and Director, Stillae
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