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Conducting a Psychosocial Risk Assessment

13 Mar 2024
Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

A large body of evidence demonstrates that psychosocial risk factors, when not properly managed for a prolonged period, can cause a range of ill-health conditions for employees, including headaches, musculoskeletal and skin complaints and depression; exacerbate existing health conditions; and impact a host of organisational outcomes including absenteeism, accidents, bullying and harassment and turnover, and reduced performance and productivity. So, why are psychosocial risk assessments not routinely conducted as part of an organisations’ approach to managing health and wellbeing? This session will share evidence and examples of good practice from four organisations of different sectors and sizes and provide a walk through of the 7 steps required to conduct a successful risk assessment. The session aims to provide practitioners with the knowledge and tools to conduct or oversee a psychosocial risk assessment in their organisation.


Andrew Kinder, Board Member, EAPA, Professional Head of Mental Health Services, Optima Health
Dr Jo Yarker, Professor in Occupational Psychology, Birkbeck University of London and Managing Partner, Affinity Health at Work.



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