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ADHD Unlocked: Celebrating Neurodiversity in the Workplace

12 Mar 2024

In this eye-opening session, Medigold’s Disability Training & Consultancy Specialist, Kath Wood, will be exploring how employers can celebrate neurodiversity in the workplace, with a specific focus on supporting employees with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). With a BSc in psychology and a TAP Diploma in Learning and Development, Kath has over 15 years’ experience helping companies to build more neuroinclusive cultures that enable and empower individuals with neurodiverse conditions, learning disabilities and complex mental health needs to thrive.

Join her talk to learn about:

  • The impact of ADHD
  • The strengths and skills associated with the condition
  • The challenges it can pose in the workplace
  • What you can do to maximise opportunities for individuals with ADHD to flourish.
Prof Almuth McDowall, Professor of Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck University of London
Kath Wood , Disability Training & Consultancy Specialist, Medigold Health



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