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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Full Health Medical

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  • | Corporate Healthcare
  • | Employee rewards and benefits
  • | Occupational Health
Full Health Medical

Full Health provides medical organisations with a scalable and secure infrastructure to easily administer health assessment programmes. Our versatile products find application in diverse settings, ranging from national-level health screening initiatives and medical centers to pharmacies, at-home testing, on-site employee well-being programmes, and private hospitals.


Full Health serves as a strategic ally for insurers and payors, providing a sophisticated platform to enhance risk management, promote preventative care, and foster healthier outcomes for members.


The product was developed over 10 years by doctors who gradually wanted to ‘scale themselves’ by replicating their own thought process when interpreting information on an individual. This unique origin positions Full Health as a solution that goes beyond traditional offerings. Full Health not only meets rigorous security standards but also caters to the evolving demand for individuals to understand and take control of their health.


Innovation Hub
Atlantic Technological University
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