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Health and Wellbeing at Work


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  • | Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • | HR Services
  • | Learning and development
  • | Talent acquisition and recruitment
  • | Workplace culture

Cognassist redefines workplace inclusion through its neuro-inclusion SaaS platform. We empower organisations to effortlessly cultivate a neuro-inclusive culture, fostering diversity, equity and belonging. As a certified B-Corp, we offer a robust cognitive assessment, training modules, on-demand resources, and data-driven insights to drive maximum impact. Our platform promotes understanding and empathy for neuro-different individuals, creating a welcoming environment that unlocks workforce potential and fuels innovation, productivity, and growth. With Cognassist, organisations can create a culture of inclusion that benefits everyone in the workplace.


United Kingdom
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  • Our training ensures that your workforce is equipped to comfortably navigate neurodiversity, fostering an environment of openness and proactive support. Empower your team with our City and Guilds cert ...
  • Employers strive to cultivate a workplace environment tailored to the unique needs of their employees. Employees actively seek personalised support, enabling the ability to thrive. A significant chall ...
  • Typically, employees have a single binary option – to self-disclose a neuro-difference to the company or to keep it to themselves. At Cognassist we believe there needs to be more options in between ev ...
  • How neuro-different is your company? Given the invisible nature of neuro-differences, individuals with a neuro-difference face challenges in easily assessing the level of representation within your or ...


  • A short overview of the Cognassist platform for users.


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