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Broadway Lodge

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  • | Mental health and wellbeing
  • | Rehabilitation
Broadway Lodge

Established in 1974, Broadway Lodge is a person-centred and compassion infused 12 Step residential treatment centre for adults with addiction to alcohol, drugs, prescription medication, gambling, sex and gaming.  

Our 24/7 specialist nurses deliver medically-managed detox for those who require this and the team also includes mental health nurses and a consultant psychiatrist. Our qualified counsellors lead many of the therapeutic sessions every day (including lectures, workshops, group therapy, specialist treatments and individual counselling), supported by meditation and exercise instructors and complementary therapy practitioners.

Our programme nurtures mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing that allows clients to understand their addiction and explore much deeper-rooted issues so they can begin to heal from underlying causes, change behaviour and learn the tools to sustain their recovery for the long term. 


Broadway Lodge
37 Totterdown Lane
North Somerset
BS24 9NN
United Kingdom
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