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Health and Wellbeing at Work

Ascending Motherhood

Stand: 207
  • | Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • | HR Services
  • | Mental health and wellbeing
  • | Stress management
  • | Workplace culture
Ascending Motherhood

Ascending Motherhood coaching specialises in supporting women through the challenges of motherhood. Returning to work after maternity leave can be difficult and many women experience a lack of confidence, struggles in managing expectations of themselves, balancing life and work and they need support in realising what their strengths and abilities are upon returning. Dr Arabella Ashfield (PhD), executive coach has a proven track record in supporting mothers back into the work environment resulting in a happier, more fulfilled, and productive member of staff. Employers receive employees back contributing their skills to the workplace with improved working relationships, avoiding resignations which result in skills and experience deficits and re-recruitment costs. Coaching is available to support mothers throughout the motherhood journey with expectant, new, back to work and flourishing mother programmes. Employers can also work with Ascending Motherhood to craft maternity coaching provision specific to the needs of their workforce.


2 Sunnybank Avenue
West Yorkshire
LS18 4LZ
United Kingdom
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