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Navigating Neuro-inclusion in the Workplace

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Did you know..
15% of people are neuro-distinct.
<3% of employees identify as neurodifferent.

The above two facts, in combination, create a clear problem for achieving the goal of ensuring everyone can feel belonging within their organisation.

Here at Cognassist, we invite you to take a proactive approach to supporting your workforce with an adaptive neuroinclusion
platform developed with neuropsychologists.

Collectively, our:
• Cognitive Mapping
• Neuro-difference Disclosure Framework
• Neuro-difference Dashboard
• Neuro-inclusion Certified Training
will support your organisation to understand neurodiversity and operate in a legally compliant framework enabling everyone to thrive.

When we talk about neurodiversity, we are acknowledging that there are distinct ways of thinking, creating more unusual traits and recognisable challenges. But everyone experiences some differences in their cognition and the way they think, learn and process information.

Very few people have a more statistically ‘typical’ cognitive profile. Cognassist have analysed more than 250,000 cognitive profiles. The analysis shows that less than 10% of people have what some might call a “neurotypical” profile.

The idea that an average or set standard of a human mind exists, simply isn’t true.

When it comes to prioritising neuroinclusion, understanding people’s differences and creating flexible working environments become critical to workplace compliance, wellbeing and culture.

Within this handbook we take a look at ways in which you and your workforce can navigate neuro-inclusion in the workplace, and create an envrionment and culture the supports everyone.

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