Celebrating World Book Day – 4th March

Celebrating Wolrd Book Day

Today is World Book Day so what better way to celebrate than to look at some of the latest books that promote the health, wellbeing and engagement of today’s workforce by some of our speakers.

When was the last time that reading the news made you feel good? In Ruby’s fifth book, And Now for the Good News…To the Future with Love, she searched out the green shoots in business, technology, education, community, health and food. “The only way to stop living in such a climate of fear is to turn our attention to the possible and positive.”

Scott Gould unveils the shape of engagement through seven frameworks, each one giving powerful insight into how to build meaningful relationships with your employees and customers. Eight years in the making, and drawing on almost two decades of experience, this book is a must-read for anyone working with engagement.

Nick Littlehales’ fascinating journey to become the world’s leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach and his revolutionary R90 Technique is encapsulated in a book called Sleep – The Myth of 8 hours, the power of Naps…and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind. Published by Penguin Random House it has made him an International Best Selling Author with translations into 15 languages world-wide.

As our lives get busier and busier, boundaries between work and leisure blur and we spend less time thinking about what we’re actually putting our bodies through. This fast living is resulting in a pandemic of ‘ill-being’: from general weariness and ‘feeling under the weather’ to prolonged bouts of sickness, lethargy and sharp increases in stress, depression and mental health issues. The way we’re working clearly isn’t working. Throwing cutting-edge science, global data and inspirational thinking into their blender, Hari Kalymnios and Dr Andrew Sharman serve up a slice of easy to swallow practical guidance delivered through a straightforward five step process they call SONAR. Curious to learn more? Get an exclusive 20% off your copy of the book using the code H@W2021 at https://fromaccidentstozero.com/product/working-well/

Coaching Psychologist Professor Arnon Levy’s latest book is a meeting place between professional basic issues of psychology, psychotherapy, mind and brain, and human life in the 21st century. It’s futuristic fictional story challenges traditional paradigms in psychology and inspires new insights about meanings and authenticity in our lives.

Psychologist and Executive Coach Ben Dowman unlocks the power of personal and business coaching in his captivating story Adventures in Coaching. Using Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland he uses a host of fanciful characters to show readers how to have an effective coaching conversation from start to finish and how to reach real world outcomes in a more transformative way.

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